sometimes it feels like
in my head.
does that make sense?
like something is growing over my thoughts
until everything has this cotton-soft
haze that nothing
gets through.

and once one thing slips,
everything does.
i start forgetting things i made
four notes trying to remember.
i get slow and
stop caring.

and the real me
just sits,
screaming behind this silkscreen
and my body just keeps on
even though
it’s completely


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im really fucking sarcastic for someone who’s about to start crying most of the time

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Forgive the trees
for the way they can’t stop shaking
even after all these years of practice.
Forgive yourself
for the days you don’t even want to try.

— Y.Z, a dying art (via rustyvoices)

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"It’s always surprising to me how many young women think they have to be perfect. I rarely meet a young man who doesn’t think he already is."

 Hillary Clinton speaking at Simmons Leadership Conference (via femininefreak)


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10/10 THIS

I actually adore her because I’ve NEVER seen a black person get to be so fucking frank and honest about racial injustice on tv.

She’s real, she’s smart, she’s witty, she’s informed and she’s fucking unapologetic. I’m obsessed.

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"I’ve always been a very good judge of people. That’s why I like so few of them."

Donna Van Lier  (via ihatearcticmonkeys)

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"And then suddenly I become sad for no reason, and it takes me days to get over that feeling."

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"The scariest thing about
recovering is not knowing
what the next morning will bring
because one day you can
feel like you’re on top of the world
like you don’t have to suffer
the way you did any longer
but on other days you will wake up
and look at yourself in the mirror
trying to come to terms with reality
and you can’t face the tragedy
standing before you because
you don’t want to see the look
in your eyes that says
‘I’m getting bad again’
because it only feels worse from there."

The Roller Coaster to Recovery  (via ink-trails)

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"The people who truly care always show up. Maybe if they aren’t there it’s a sign that you don’t need them anymore."

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"It’s Monday, and your hair is messy. You haphazardly put on your jeans and shirt as you moan about the day of the week - and I love you.

It’s Tuesday, and you’re stumbling your way around the room, trying to sort out the things you have to do. You stop to briefly kiss the freckles on my nose, asking me about my day - and I love you.

It’s Wednesday, and you’re quietly sprawled on the couch. You pat the spot next to you and pepper kisses on my hair because it’s my least favorite day of the week (and you know it) - and I love you.

It’s Thursday, and you’re wondering what the weekend will bring, but you’re still moaning about how the week is going by too slow for your tastes - and I love you.

It’s Friday, and I’m surrounded by DVDs and snacks you’ve prepared when I was gone. You welcome me with blankets and warmth from your arms - and I love you.

It’s Saturday, and you’re feeling lazy. You won’t let me leave your arms (or is it the other way around?) So you tuck me under your chin as we both wonder how much time we have left before sleep makes us miss each other’s faces - and I love you.

It’s Sunday,
and there’s nothing much to say but
I love you.


Loving you (NJ.)

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